A Lingering Tour: Three Pieces Worth Spending Some Time With

By Jonathan Curiel, Jun. 19 2013


Seventeen seconds. That’s the average time that artgoers look at a painting, according to a much-cited study in the journal Empirical Studies of the Arts. Here are three artworks that are worth spending upwards of 17 minutes with. All three works are featured in temporary San Francisco exhibits, so the window of opportunity is short:

‘Water Logic’ by Ian Kimmerly: Waves of paint — turquoises, greens, whites, and deep blues — crisscross the canvas as they show off their ridges and painterly texture. And then, square in the middle of this colorful pastiche, lies a group of young bathers who are slightly out of focus. Water Logic is a unique marriage of hazy figuration and painterly abstraction — a meditation on remembering the past and being in the present moment. Part of “Continuous Wave,” through July 6 at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 210 Post St., S.F. Free; 956 3560 or dolbychadwickgallery.com.